Sunday, June 1, 2008

Zarate's Latin Mexican Grill in Edmond

My family and I finally got to visit this wonderful place. I'd been to the location under a couple different previous names but hadn't tried it under the current ownership. I must've heard from a half dozen people that the food was great and my relayed recommendations probably sent another handful of friends there. So, I was glad to finally try it myself.

Zarate's opened up as a small Mexican restaurant about a year ago but began adding a number of other Latin American dishes about 6 months ago. There are flags scattered throughout the small restaurant reflecting some of the countries whose dishes are crafted in the kitchen. I was too bewildered by the choices initially and my wife never got past the Mexican dishes. Fortunately, I settled on a Peruvian "Seafood Saltado" since it appeared to have a smattering of things to sample.

It was a stir-fry of tilapia, shrimp, potato slices, several kinds of onions and a slew of other things in a wonderful sauce surrounded by fried plantains and yucca as well as some rice. On the side was a Peruvian queso that contained a number of flavors. I was told the list but aside from hearing feta I can't recall them (I think this must be very similar). My wife had what she thought were the best spinach enchiladas she'd ever had. My 2 year-old boy surprised me by eating his whole quesadilla (he says it perfect and loves to repeat it over and over).

We'd all had a long day and were worn out but were very happy to have such a wonderful dinner. If I'd been more alert I would've provided some photos. You'll just have to see it for yourself. Oh, ask to hear the specials. We didn't hear them (probably due to the complexities of prepping a 2 year old and 8 month old to eat in public) until we were nearly finished eating. Zarate's must like to have a number of surprises not even listed on the menu.