Sunday, June 1, 2008

Zarate's Latin Mexican Grill in Edmond

My family and I finally got to visit this wonderful place. I'd been to the location under a couple different previous names but hadn't tried it under the current ownership. I must've heard from a half dozen people that the food was great and my relayed recommendations probably sent another handful of friends there. So, I was glad to finally try it myself.

Zarate's opened up as a small Mexican restaurant about a year ago but began adding a number of other Latin American dishes about 6 months ago. There are flags scattered throughout the small restaurant reflecting some of the countries whose dishes are crafted in the kitchen. I was too bewildered by the choices initially and my wife never got past the Mexican dishes. Fortunately, I settled on a Peruvian "Seafood Saltado" since it appeared to have a smattering of things to sample.

It was a stir-fry of tilapia, shrimp, potato slices, several kinds of onions and a slew of other things in a wonderful sauce surrounded by fried plantains and yucca as well as some rice. On the side was a Peruvian queso that contained a number of flavors. I was told the list but aside from hearing feta I can't recall them (I think this must be very similar). My wife had what she thought were the best spinach enchiladas she'd ever had. My 2 year-old boy surprised me by eating his whole quesadilla (he says it perfect and loves to repeat it over and over).

We'd all had a long day and were worn out but were very happy to have such a wonderful dinner. If I'd been more alert I would've provided some photos. You'll just have to see it for yourself. Oh, ask to hear the specials. We didn't hear them (probably due to the complexities of prepping a 2 year old and 8 month old to eat in public) until we were nearly finished eating. Zarate's must like to have a number of surprises not even listed on the menu.


Anonymous said...

Horrible food complements their terrible service and high prices... enjoy Zarate's!!

I had recently called to ask for assistance making a salsa my girlfriend really enjoys there. The server had already given me the recipe, but it was my girlfriend's B-day and I wanted to surprise her with a perfected recipe. I called and the owner refused to allow me to speak to her (the server), insisting she wouldn't tell me anything. I asked, "well may I ask her?" And he rudely and repeatedly responded, "nope, you think she really wants to talk to you?" I have been there for over 5 years now, and my girlfriend for 7. Since the new ownership (Jorge Zarate), the food, environment, and especially the service has dramatically decreased. The only aspect that has increased are there prices.

criticscritic said...

Great food! Food is hot and tasty! The service was great! Only Latin food in Edmond, OK. You need to try it!

lookingforgoodfood said...

WOW, I ate at Zarate's the other day and they have Great food. The Latin food is creative, good and fun. I ate the Cuban Pork Chop and it melted in your mouth. The Salsa is the best in town. My friend had Mexican food and it was very good also. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM PRICED GREAT and AWSOME SERVICE!!
Wednesday's Nights Latin live band was a nice supprise. The owner (Jorge Zarate) was very nice and let us know that they will be having salsa lessons while you eat very soon. CAN'T WAIT.

arrestedfish said...

I am confused about the first comment on here, he is mad because the owner would not give him his recipe? I wouldn't either. Not only that, but every restuarant in the entire US has raised prices, Welcome to the new economy.
I have been eating at Zarates since they opened about once a month, i am excited when i go. It is perfect because my husband does not like to try new things and he just gets the texmex food that he loves. I always go for the latin menu. Something is always new to try even if it is not on the menu. The owner(Jorge Zarate) and/or his wife are always there gretting me. The service is probibly the best I have ever had in Edmond. I wish they had a better kids menu though.