Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Boulevard Cafeteria in OKC

For me, an afternoon lunch does not get much better than this: fried chicken, cranberry salad, and tomato salad!

The stuff dreams are made of

I ate lunch today at Boulevard Cafeteria, which is located just a few blocks from the Oklahoma Heritage Association (where I now work) at 525 NW 11th in downtown Oklahoma City.

Boulevard Cafeteria in Oklahoma City

Boulevard Cafeteria has cafeteria-style dining as it SHOULD BE: Lots of choices, and everything is great! The large number of folks who gather here each day for lunch is the first clue that this place is really special. If you're looking for a wide variety of outstanding menu choices, look no further than Boulevard Cafeteria!

(And no, I was not encouraged or compensated in any way to share this enthusiastic endorsement! I simply love this place and their food!)

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