Thursday, April 16, 2009

Coney Island OKC

These are the things dreams are made of.

A dream come true at Coney Island in OKC

That statement is true if you're a lover of chili cheese dogs! Coney Island is a historic and popular restaurant in downtown Oklahoma City, located just one block north of the bus station. (428 W Main St, to be exact!)

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Loaded chili cheese dogs like those above (made with a hot dog, chili, cheese and onions) cost a mere $1.40 each. A veritable feast of delicious carbs can be yours for around $5. What a bargain!

Staff can load up multiple dogs at a time by lining them up on their arm, as shown in this photo. This feat, I have no doubt, takes both talent and years of training!

Loading up six more dogs with the fixins

On this most recent trip to Coney Island, I didn't save room for baklava for dessert. Keep that in mind when you're placing your order. Fresh baklava is hard to beat!

Baklava at Coney Island

There is a second Oklahoma City Coney Island location, at 240 SW 25th St. I haven't visited that one, but hope to before long. Bring on the loaded chili cheese dogs! :-)

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1 comment:

Andrew said...

At least once a week over the summer we get Coney Island to go for the guys at the studio. I can eat five, Richards eats eight.