Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Prairie Thunder Baking Company --Artisan Bakery of OKC

One of my favorite new places to visit in OKC is the wonderful Prairie Thundery Baking Company --Artisan Bakery of OKC off Classen Drive. They have some of the best sweet treats that OKC has to offer.
The smell of bread baking when you walk through the door is just one of the sweet elements of this charming little eatery. The establishment is owned by a delightful gentleman by the name of John that always takes time to speak to his customers. I have enjoyed many of their decadent pastries and desserts. Their sweets are not only pleasing to the pallet but also to the eye. However, don’t let my ranting about their sweets give those without a sweet tooth reason not to stop in. They have a wonderful selection of breakfast and lunch sustenance.
Their bread is a precious thing to behold and the coffee is a fantastic surprise. I pride myself in being quite a coffee connoisseur, and they have the best cappuccino in town. I like mine with no flavoring and heavy on the foam …I’m never disappointed. They start with the darkest little espresso bean that ends up having the most robust flavor after it has been ground, pressed and steamed. OH DELISH! Everyone should stop by and visit the Prairie Thunder Baking Company.
Want more backstory on the PTBC-Click Here.


Wesley Fryer said...

I agree Dawn, Prairie Thunder rocks! After our meeting last week a couple of us I ate there-- my main problem was that I've gone to this "no-carbs" diet, so I couldn't eat any of the bread! Their Greek salad was EXCELLENT tho, and I'll have to go back for coffee soon! It's so close to work! :-)

SweetTooth said...

If you think Prarie Thunder is good, you should try Crumbs Cookie Company. As a cookie connoisseur, these cookies are by far the best I have ever had. We ordered them for our year-end meeting and everyone fell absolutely in love with them. They are made with the absolute best ingredients and imported chocolate, they even put our company logo of them. It is incredible how much attention was out into everything down to the packaging. I will never order cookies from another place again. They are absolutley perfect.