Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Warehouse Willy's in Poteau

If you're looking for a good steak and some excellent "mud bugs" (fried crawfish) you won't want to miss Warehouse Willy's in Poteau. I had an opportunity to dine in this fine establishment last Friday following the graduation ceremony in nearby Howe, and the food lived up to the high praise it was given by Lance Ford. Sadly, my iPhone is again not taking pictures, so I don't have any photos of "Poteau mud bugs" to share with you, but rest assured these little guys are meaty and tasty! (The provided dip makes them particularly excellent.)

Poteau and Howe are in what I think must be the most beautiful region of Oklahoma. There are mountains there! The following picture (which I did not take but found on Flickr) gives you a bit of a feel for the skyline around Poteau:

view in Poteau Oklahoma

I didn't find an official website for Warehouse Willy's, but does have an entry with directions and the phone number. Next time I venture out to Howe and Poteau, I'm definitely coming back here! :-)


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