Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sushi Neko in Oklahoma City

Sushi Neko is an amazing restaurant in downtown Oklahoma City (on Western and 42nd) specializing in all types of Sushi. Not being a genuine connoisseur of sushi myself, I found the extensive menu to be rather intimidating, but thankfully others in our party were able to help me select Negi-Maki. This is a low-carb friendly dish (unlike most of the offerings which are served, of course with lots of rice) made of ribeye steak, spinach and scallions. The marinade used in this dish is wonderful! It was not spicy but VERY flavorful. I highly recommend Sushi Neko! The atmosphere is very cosmopolitan and I think my wife will love it when we go back on a date night, sometime in hopefully the not TOO distant future!

Negi-Maki at Sushi Neko


Paughnee said...

For a more casual, quick Japanese meal check out this new place: Yakimono Japanese Express Grill (on Memorial just west of May Ave near Mimi's). It's very yummy and a great place for lunch. My meal was almost too much food (chicken, veggies, rice, soup) and very reasonably priced at $6.99.

Seating is a bit tight and they only have tables of 4 so our group of 5 had to scrunch together a bit. I don't do sushi, but they do have quite a variety of sushi, nigiri and sashimi.

Anonymous said...

Tokyo Sushi up a little further on Western is even better. It's not as pretentious as Sushi Neko can sometimes be, the prices are better, and it is soooo good! Check it out!

Little 'ol me? said...

Sushi Neko has decent sushi, but it is definitely more of a "scenester" joint than bang for your buck.

Tokyo up the street is way better and more reasonably priced, especially if you don't care for the snooty Neko environment.

Sean McClintock said...

Okura on May & Grand (where the old Samurai used to be) is better. Neko is a little full of itself! Or, if you want a great, small, inexpensive place, Mr. Sushi is great. 4 small, 2 person tables. Most people get it to go. They are super nice and have decent prices.