Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Welcome to Good Oklahoma Eats!

Welcome to a new, volunteer team blogging effort: Good Oklahoma Eats! The goal of this blog is to share stories and details about wonderful places to eat in Oklahoma, USA. The initial team of bloggers invited to contribute are facilitators and advisory council members in our Celebrate Oklahoma Voices project, but our blogging team will hopefully grow beyond this group. This is a rather informal and flexible team blogging endeavor, and our guidelines are subject to change at any moment. (That is rather unlikely, however.) At this point our initial guidelines for team members are:
  1. Have fun!
  2. Title blog posts with the name of the restaurant and city/town where it is located.
  3. Focus on telling the story of WHY the restaurant (or other event) you are blogging about is a GREAT place to eat!
  4. Include photos if possible.
  5. Include links if possible, especially a link to the restaurant's website (if available.)
  6. In the "Labels for this post" field at the bottom of the blogger CREATE screen, include tags (labels) for the city/town and the type of food available at that location.
  7. After you publish your post, add the restaurant/event location to our shared Google Map and embed a link in the placemark to your blog post.
Those seem like plenty of rules to get started. :-)

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